Bank crisis, Gold prices falling and more – so why not investing into Rubber?

How it works

Times have not become easier – world economic crises, Cyprus crisis and many more.

Many rubber fans wrote me that they would love to book a session or date with me, but on the one hand they cannot raise the fee for it at once and on the other hand, that they are facing difficulties putting it aside that the wife doesn‘t see it.

For these problems I have the greatest sympathy and therefore I‘m offering you a personal RUBBER ACCOUNT. That means: you can save up your rubber treatment with me! I offer you the possibility to pay whatever smaller or bigger amounts into your „rubber account“, whenever you want, until the total for your wish session has been reached.

After each deposit payment you get an e-mail with your account status and of course also in between I will inform you on request.

The account will last as long as you want it to. Whenever you want you can pay in any amount you want and then when the necessary amount has been reached, you can arrange a rubber treatment date with me for your wish treatment for which the saved „rubber money“ will be debited. Then again you can fill up your acccount until your next date, etc.

All credits will stay on your account without a time limit, it does not „expire“!

Or use following bank account:

Account name: Emma Lee
IBAN: DE09700222000071862240

*Reference: DreamComeTrue

The „Rubber Account“ info and correspondence will only take place via the e-maill address you are using for the payment.

After you made your first payment send me an e-mail to rubberaccount@pervydoll.com with your chosen *reference

This serves for your own secure identification. Because of security reasons DO NOT tell anyone your reference.

After each payment you‘ll get a new updated PDF-account file with your credit you can use for sessions or memberships.

Rules: This service is free of charge. No money payback! It can only be used for sessions with The PervyDoll and/or The Mistress and for memberships for the websites of the above persons.